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Multi Function Plant Efficiency Analyser
  • Advanced lab-based system for investigation of plant photosynthetic efficiency
  • M-PEA-1 variant for prompt fluorescence & P700+ modulated absorbance measurements
  • M-PEA-2 variant as M-PEA-1 with additional measurements of Delayed Fluorescence (DF) & leaf absorptivity
  • Sophisticated sensor unit with all optical emitters & detectors in a robust, enclosed housing
  • USB connection to a Windows® PC
  • Comprehensive Windows® experimental design, data transfer & analysis software

The M-PEA (Multi-Function Plant Efficiency Analyser) combines high quality fast fluorescence kinetic and P700+ absorbance studies with ground-breaking Delayed Fluorescence (DF) measurements providing one of the most comprehensive systems for the investigation of plant photosynthetic efficiency available.
The M-PEA is a laboratory-based measurement system consisting of a control unit and sophisticated, robust sensor unit housing all optical emitters and detectors for all measurement elements.
The system is controlled from a comprehensive Windows® software package (M-PEA+) which allows complex experiments to be designed, uploaded and executed by the M-PEA hardware. Recorded data is quickly downloaded to the software via a USB2.0 connection.
The control unit is of convenient size with minimal footprint allowing measurements to be made in a busy lab environment where bench space is critical. The front panel consists of a power switch and indicator LED, optical sensor connection and a 4 line LCD display. The rear panel provides input for a 12V DC power supply and a USB2.0 connection socket for interface to the M-PEA+ software running on a Windows® PC.
The optical sensor unit is a robust enclosure designed to incorporate sophisticated electronics which effectively controls all of the light sources and detectors. The M-PEA-1 sensor unit includes a high intensity red actinic source, a far-red light source, the prompt fluorescence detector and the modulated emitter/detector pair for P700+ absorbance measurements. M-PEA-2 additionally includes a high sensitivity delayed fluorescence detector and a detector to measure leaf absorptivity.
All the optics are located behind a quartz window which seals the sensor unit providing effective protection for the optical assemblies against dust, dirt and moisture.

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